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About the Miramar Ship Index

The Author

The author/owner of the website is Rodger Barrington HAWORTH, who resides in Miramar, Wellington. In New Zealand since 1965, he originally hails from Yorkshire. He served in the N.Z. Army for 31 years, retiring as a major in 1990 continuing service as a civilian, but has been following nautical matters since 1957 when he joined the World Ship Society. He is a member of the New Zealand Ship & Marine Society, and of the International Naval Records Organization

Website Contents

Building of the database from which the Index comes started in about 1992, but written listings and records had been collected for many years prior. However, the Index is essentially a compilation of the work contained in many other sources, edited where necessary. Contributions have also been made by many users since the site went online. The website information would be much poorer without the material contained in the Starke/Schell Registers, started by Tony Starke and more recently authored by Willam A.Schell and Rodger Haworth, and marketed by the World Ship Society Ltd. The latter organization's shipyard lists team, coordinated by Captain John Landels, have also produced excellent source material which has improved the quality of the website.

Date Upload #1 Ships Indexlines
2006-09-15 2006 207000 330000
2007-01-28 2007 210026 351678
2008-01-12 2008 220187 384710
2009-02-01 2009 230548 420775
2010-01-02 2010 235482 443376
2011-01-02 2011 243202 480322
2012-01-01 2012 248194 515221
2013-01-06 2013 253439 546763
2014-01-05 2014 257300 570870
2015-01-04 2015 261117 594068
2016-01-03 2016 265209 618094

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